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If you find yourself endlessly logging in and out of eBay and Amazon accounts all day - answering messages, responding to resolution cases, dealing with the best offers - this program will save you hours a day while providing much better customer support. This application will give you control over your company. This is a no brainer.”

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When I open up Fusion I have everything I need. I can see when the order was placed, and the timeline from there. I can see all the details of the order, I can see the item, I have all the information where I need it – in one place. Any additional information is just a few clicks away. By contrast, doing it on Gmail or Amazon takes a lot of clicks. I didn’t have any of the information I needed."

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All Your Customer Support In One Place

Some more of the key benefits of XSellco's eCommerce Help Desk:

1. Integrate multiple channels into the one eCommerce Help Desk. All your Amazon and eBay channels and even webstores such as Magento, Shopify and many more added every month.

2. Use the Auto-translation features in XSellco Fusion to receive messages and respond in the Customer's language. Expand your online selling empire internationally with XSellco Fusion.

3. Have all your order information from Linnworks seamlessly next to every customer support message you receive inside XSellco Fusion.




Amazon Repricer

XSellco Price Manager is the leading Amazon repricer that helps you win more Amazon Buy Box and, cruicially, make more profit.

Price Manager automates marketplace prices to ensure you are able to price yourself competitively against every type of rival. Create a repricing strategy you control and ensure you never miss another sales opportunity.

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Feedback Requests

Request feedback on the right products, from the right customers, at the right time. Improve your seller rating through automated intelligent feedback requests on Amazon, eBay and Trustpilot.

eCommerce Help Desk

XSellco Fusion collects all emails and system queries from all your marketplaces & online stores into a single, easy to manage dashboard, saving you hours every single day. XSellco Fusion integrates seamlessly into your Linnworks dashboard.

XSellco Linnworks Integration help desk

Integrate Linnworks with XSellco


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The XSellco Fusion and Linnworks integration ensures that no communication is lost between your teams. The internal notes feature in Fusion, saves you time switching between platforms and simplifies your business workflows by communicating essential details to your Linnworks order notes. Empower your customer support team by giving them all the information they need to deal with every query by accessing Linnworks hosted order details such as payment, invoice and tracking information within each message in the customer support help desk XSellco Fusion.