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Lisa Byrne
eCommerce Support Specialist

Lisa is an online retail entrepreneur with an eye for identifying consumer trends. She shares her latest experiences and eCommerce insights with online sellers to help nurture their customers and propel their business.

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About The Webinar

International returns present a significant challenge for online sellers who plan to expand into international marketplaces. In this webinar, XSellco hosts Monika Ratniece, Business Development Executive at Linnworks, who offers advice on how to expand into international marketplaces. Monika shares her insights on how you can effectively manage returns when selling on international marketplaces.

What's covered in this webinar:

  • Understand the key considerations for handling returns.
  • A deep dive into buying behavior, consumer culture and attitudes towards returns in key eCommerce markets.
  • Best practices and expectations for dealing with international returns on eBay and Amazon.
  • What options are available to you to handle your international returns.

Duration: 51 Minutes

Watch the Webinar

[Webinar Recording] How to Handle Returns for International Marketplaces

Learn the best practices for handling international returns on eBay and Amazon

Monika's broad knowledge of the eCommerce industry enables her to support hundreds of retailers across the globe, helping them to maximise the growth of their business by getting the most from Linnworks, as well as its integrated marketplaces, website platform and shipping providers.

Monika Ratniece
Business Dev at Linnworks
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