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e-Commerce Administrator, Suzuki

How can XSellco Fusion improve your customer support?

Save time and improve your seller rating with XSellco Fusion, the leading Helpdesk purpose build for Amazon Sellers

  • Respond faster to customers
  • Beat Amazon Service Level Requirements
  • Improve your rating and sell more

Helpdesk Software for Amazon Sellers

See the Full Picture

XSellco Fusion puts data at your fingertips to help you answer queries quickly and accurately. Product and Order data, delivery info, and previous communications are automatically attached to incoming queries so you can answer without having to search elsewhere.


Respond Faster

By managing all support from one central location, and using our time-saving features, Fusion customers have seen a 46 % decrease in response times to customers.

*Based on a survey of over 100 XSellco Fusion Customers, April 2016

Beat Amazon SLAs

Meeting Amazon response guidelines means a better seller rating, which helps you sell more. XSellco Fusion keeps you aware of thetime left to reply so you never run late and keep your seller rating high.

One Click & Fully Automated Answers

Use Templates and SmartTags to speed up your responses. XSellco Fusion will even suggest which template is likely to suit the query best.

XSellco is a unique programme that combines all of our ecommerce platforms into one which makes the day to day job considerably easier. Because having all the information in one place simplifies problems we previously had. It is efficient and extremely user friendly. THe system is very intuitive and up to date, the shortcuts and functions put in place make it enjoyable to use, along with the customer service team who are exceptionally prompt and more than happy to help.

Jessica Grimditch

Talk about a huge time saver. We were going to hire a second employee to do customer service. Turns out it was not the lack of man power but rather the lack of organization. With Xsellco you tunnel all the marketplaces into one dashboard. It also keeps track of all order information and previous messages for every order. So you don't have to go back and look for old messages, go back and look for tracking. It's all there. Great great program and I am very happy with it. I highly recommend this to anyone that is selling on multiple marketplaces!!.

Deniz Otarsi

Measupro Inc.

Absolutely love this repricing software, wish I had found it ages ago!

Gareth Williams

Oaktree Gifts

XSellco Price Manager can improve your profitability today with rela-time repricing, help you stay ahead of your competitors and win the Buy Box more often.

Integrate all your Amazon Stores
Integrate your Magento Store
Integrate your Shopify Store
Integrate all your eBay stores

One account, multiple channels

XSellco Fusion supports multiple channels and integrations, meaning you have everything you need in one place.

*Based on a survey of over 100 XSellco Fusion Customers, April 2016

  • 4,500+ Happy users
  • 3,000,000+ Messages handled per month
  • 60+ Integrations
  • 50+ Languages

Because you care about saving an average of 46% of your time on customer support so you can sell more.

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