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Aideen Kerr
eCommerce Marketing  Specialist

Aideen is an online retail entrepreneur with an eye for identifying consumer trends. She shares her latest experiences and eCommerce insights with online sellers to help nurture their customers and propel their business.

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About The Webinar

From the banning of incentivized reviews to an increase in backend search term keywords, 2016 was a year full of change - specifically for sellers advertising with Amazon’s pay per click platform, Sponsored Products.

Amazon Sponsored Products is one of the most powerful tools for driving discovery for Amazon sellers. Its ad listings place your products in front of new, targeted audiences, multiplying your sales opportunities for sustainable long-term growth.

CPC Strategy’s Manager of Marketplace Channels, David Cooley, joins XSellco Marketing Specialist Aideen Kerr to provide detailed insights on how to optimize more sales using Amazon Sponsored Products.

Insights will be provided on the following topics:

  • Advanced Sponsored Products campaign structures.
  • Keyword harvesting and the Search Term report.
  • Advanced manual campaigns and bidding strategy.
  • Refined product targeting with negative keywords.
  • Live Questions and Answers session.

Watch the recording now on how to grow your sales using Amazon's paid search tool.

Recorded: March 30th 2017

Duration: 50 minutes
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Win New Customers with Amazon Sponsored Products

The Amazon environment has never been more competitive; in order to succeed sellers need to get ahead of the competition and win new customers.

Webinar co-hosted by XSellco and CPC Strategy

David Cooley
CPC Strategy
Manager of Marketplace Channels

David is a member of the Amazon team at CPC Strategy and takes great pride in helping retailers optimize sales through Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Products Webinar
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